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Our adult Inspiration bible study is a small group designed for adults to dive further into biblical truths and principals. It is also a time for adults to spend time encouraging one another and forming closer connections. Wednesday nights at 6pm in the sanctuary.
Refuge, our student ministry group is over the top excited to meet you. Come see what dozens of students from all over the area flock to on Wednesday nights. Spend time with other students diving into relevant biblical conversations, and embark on crazy adventures while at it. It has become one of our leading ministries here at Mt. Olive, and it’s something we are very proud of. Wednesday nights at 6pm in the fellowship hall.
Our Golden Singles group is special in every way. We are all jealous of the amazing things this group does and takes part in. They are a supportive group of believers who has been walking this road with God for many years, and many of them are mentors to other men and women in the congregation. Call the church office at 904.692.1995 for more info.
Our Sunday School small groups have been designed to provide a unique way for church goers to connect with each other, outside of Sunday worship service. You’ll not only form deeper fellowship with others, but you’ll learn how to life together with other believers as well. Sunday mornings at 9:30am. Breakfast served.